As soon as my play came to an end, I began working on another short film that Laurel Parmet directed. It was an homage to The Bronx, or New York in general, and I liked that uptown was finally getting a shout out. I have always lived in the higher numbers, way beyond Central Park and above where tourist maps cut out, but I love it up there. We deserve a nod. The short was about youth, friendship, and love; a visual piece about young people in the city. I'm excited for the final cut!

I also began shooting a short film for another Columbia student, fifth year Chad Scarborough- this being one of his final pieces for school. The days were long and grueling (and by God, they were cold), but so, so much fun and rewarding. I am so happy that I had a chance to be on this incredibly supportive set. Due to weather we were set back a little bit, so we are still planning on a couple of pick-up days, and finishing up scenes that we didn't have a chance to wrap on. 

And pilot season has also begun! I have been running frantically from audition to audition, but took a break this week to fly to Berlin because my boyfriend is featuring a short film here! So I'm being as plus-one as I can be and enjoying the ride...