I am being terrible. I keep wanting to update, but then I don't. Add on top of that my recent move, which has left me internet-less for the past month, so good-bye cellphone data. There is a snowstorm going on right now in New York, a big fat snowstorm, and I am in a coffeeshop doing "work" online. I have been blessed with the curse of having too much time- the idle mind is the devil's playground. So the past three hours I have been doing everything else online except update this website, and I keep thinking about it, but then, as aforementioned, I don't update. I want to revamp it, and maybe start a separate real blog that doesn't need to feel censored. I have a lot of photos of myself on this website. I might take some down. I want to refresh it all again, but it is so...much...work...

All that said, some fun things have happened since my last September 1st update, most notably of which is that my pilot for Atlanta was picked up to series! I also shot a Nike webseries, and have flown to LA for press (my first time in the Golden State!), I modeled here and there, I will be going to Slamdance to support my boyfriend's film, and I feel like other things have happened concerning my profession but I don't remember. I've been traveling, which is wonderful, but that muddles the past couple of months in terms of what I have been up to. Now! This was all just a little teaser! I will update, post by post (with photos!) on each little event and opportunity that has come my way. 

Much love, ya'll!