There is sometimes this sense that I have where I feel like I am too busy to update here and talk about what has been going on. I refreshed everything on this site and then just let it gather some dust again. But I'm back today with a little bit of news. It will be all over the place: a messy retelling of the jigsaw that the past month-and-a-half has been, but it's all worth talking about, I feel. Maybe I'll organize the events, letter them, so that there is a little structure and I don't have to make fanciful paragraphs that weave in and out of one another. Less phrases to curate that allow me to transition smoothly from one topic to another. So, without further ado:

a. I wrapped on Wolves! It was my first rather significant role in a feature, and it took up most of my summertime, hot June and July, but I made friends and it was just wonderful. There isn't much more to say about it, as boring as that is. 

b. I flew down to Atlanta a couple of weeks ago in order to shoot Donald Glover's pilot, Atlanta! It was my first time getting taken care of with nice airplane seats and a nice view from quite a hotel room- a three day sejour from New York. I had never been to Atlanta before, and I didn't really get to see much since I spent most of my time in the south shooting, but I loved walking around on my own and discovering what I could. I felt like a woman, strong and self-made, perusing through the world. Naturally, all had been set up and planned for me, so this was really more of a fantasy, but the trip let me recognize that all of this is worth working for. I want to push through so that I can travel and discover- both physically and emotionally. We're waiting on a word to see if the network will pick it up, so fingers crossed. Here's a nice duck that I saw down there:

c. We shot a short a couple of weeks ago called MBFF, a quickie that lasted two days. Directed by Tony Ducret, it told the story of a former fight-dog, but the film was from the dog's literal point of view. So that offered some alternative camera work- the playbacks were pretty interesting. We were in Brooklyn and Long Island, and spent the days on set with an actual dog! Obviously that was very sweet and cute, and it was a fun weekend to have.

d. There is this funky web promo called Honest Gil (Click here in order to view one of their videos) that discusses political bribery, and the misuse of money in politics. They are a funny collection of videos that take on the format of a campaign ad, but "Gil Fulbright" speaks honestly, rather than wrapping up his real intentions in flighty promises and euphemisms. Well, I'll be in one of their upcoming videos. Get involved! At!

e. There was another weekend where I squeezed in a short with some friends. An acquaintance from long ago wrote and directed Dreamshare, and asked if I could join in this project. A surreal take on relationships and the emotional exchanges within- it takes on this groundhog day looping effect. We spent two days filming in a hot apartment in Brooklyn. I'll post here when it's all cut together!

f. My past caught up with me when an old friend from high school contacted me and asked if I could be in a series of makeup tutorial videos. He was directing for Refinery 29, and needed some chicas, so he asked me to come in. And it was fun! Reconnecting. The room was chilly, and people ended up being a little stressed out, but we all left with smiles and they made some pretty work. I ended up coming in again to record the voice over that explains the tips and tricks for everything that they did! There were five models, twenty videos, so they should be popping up online soon!

I'm going to keep the end clipped and short, because there is already so much that you just went through- but these months have had a lot of flitting and fluttering around. I didn't get to leave the city much, but I suppose the pay off is worth it, huh? Staying busy, I suppose.

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