It's been over a month since I had a chance to grace these pages, but upon this return I've brought along new headshots, some news, and a new look to the website! I think it's prettier, and I'm sure that it will keep shifting, but I feel happy for the moment. If you click here, however, you can see the new headshots. They too will continue to change, but as time flows. 

This past month I have been shooting the feature Wolves, written and directed by Bart Freundlich, and have been having such a beautiful time. It allowed me to quit my day job (that I knew wouldn't be sustainable anyhow), and has blessed me with an unbelievable group of uplifting, intelligent, and funny people to work with. Really. I've already cried more than a handful of times over how lucky I feel that this project fell into my life. And in the midst of shooting I was cast in Donald Glover's new Pilot Atlanta! This begins in a couple of weeks down south, and I'm over the moon about working in a city that I haven't yet had a chance to visit. And just ecstatic about the team that I will have the chance to collaborate with.

So briefly, that has been the turn of these past 30 days. I will throw in some new thoughts again soon!