And I've uploaded some stills! In case you skipped over this post about my music video shoot for TEEN's "Tied Up Tied Down", I have been waiting for some production photos from the boys that produced the shoot. I ran into one of them a couple of days ago, insisted on some pictures, and voilĂ , they've arrived! I have them posted here, in my photo galleries. The final cut of the video should be available within the next two weeks, and you can be sure that I will show off our hard work! 

I also have another Audition coming up for a Columbia short film next week. I will be reading for one of the two leading ladies, so I am going to keep my fingers crossed and keep wishing on the stars for good luck and good graces! I have worked with the producer before, and she referred me to the director, so it will be nice to have a familiar face to work with again. I'll write again as this develops! In the meantime, make sure your grills are heated up for a happy fourth :)