Oh! Halloween has already come and gone, and christmas is on our heels, but I haven't forgotten this little blog! I've been busy, sort of as usual, but trying to find peace in the moments in-between. I've been auditioning, traveling, rehearsing, working, and trying to wrap my head and time around all of that.

I had a couple of promising leads to some new television shows, but I suppose that I will get lucky the next time! I am, however, officially participating in a play this coming January! The Bushwick Starr will be presenting a production called White Wines: an interpretation of Gertrude Stein's Interstanding, directed by Nic Adams. I haven't been in a play in quite some time, and the stage is where my love of performing was born, so I am happy to be going back home, in a sense. I have also, in the past month, shot a couple of scenes for Columbia students again-- workshopping some in-class scenes as well. We had fun last night while interpreting a portion of A Woman Under the Influence, and I will probably have access to a cut of the scene by this weekend. I'm still waiting on some other pieces as well- but they will come as they come!
I will work toward updating more regularly, or just as things happen. 

Till then, my darlings!